We are a family business with more than 80 years of history dedicated to the distribution of meat products in Menorca from 100% native animals under our Pallicarn certified brand.

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Carnes de Menorca

Carnes de Menorca


Ganados Palliser representa la trayectoria de una empresa con más de 80 años de experiencia, que comenzó con la compra y venta de ganado, y que ha logrado transformarse en uno de los negocios familiares más destacados en la distribución de carne en Menorca.

Desde la cría, matanza y tratamiento de la carne para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes, hasta la compra de todo tipo de productos cárnicos en Menorca para su posterior distribución, ayudando así al sector primario con la comercialización de su ganado para proveer productos autóctonos en la isla. 

100% Menorca meat

Our products

Palliser cattle, a family business with a rich history of more than 80 years in the distribution of meat products in Menorca. We are proud to provide high quality meat from 100% indigenous animals under our certified brand, Pallicarn.


Our beef comes from cattle raised in the green meadows of Menorca. Fed naturally, our animals produce rich and tasty beef, perfect for all kinds of dishes.

Pig and Suckling Pig

We raise pigs and suckling pigs in an ethical and sustainable way, guaranteeing not only an exceptional taste, but also the well-being of our animals.


Our lambs and kids are raised on natural pastures, which results in tender and juicy meat, with a unique flavor that can only be found in Menorca.

Maturation dry aged

matured meats

The aging of meat is an art that requires time, patience and extreme care. It is a natural process that intensifies the flavor and improves the texture of the meat, making each bite an authentic gastronomic experience.

At Ganados Palliser we offer a variety of matured meats, from calves to pigs, suckling pigs, lambs and kids.

Our experts meticulously control the humidity, temperature and ventilation conditions, allowing the meat to mature naturally, slowly but surely. This careful procedure increases the tenderness of the meat, enhancing its natural flavor and juiciness.


Customer satisfaction is the best proof of the quality and credibility of Palliser Cattle.

Antonio Palliser, GANADOS PALLISER Manager

Distributing Meat for more than 80 years

At Ganados Palliser, we are committed to offering meat products of the highest quality, from animals raised with care and respect.

We care about sustainability and animal welfare. Our cattle are raised on natural pastures in Menorca, eating organically and living in a healthy environment. This way of raising our animals not only ensures their well-being, but also contributes to the exceptional taste of our products.

We strive to constantly improve our processes to guarantee the quality of our products. From the art of aging meat to the careful control of humidity, temperature and ventilation conditions, each step of our process is designed to enhance the flavor and texture of our meats.