Lamb and kid meat

We are proud to preserve and promote the legacy of Menorcan lamb and kid, raised sustainably and ethically in the verdant fields of our island. Our commitment to authenticity and excellence is reflected in every animal we raise, ensuring that every product we offer is a true reflection of the richness and diversity of Menorca.


Our promise

We focus on keeping alive the genetic uniqueness of the Minorcan lamb and kid. At Ganados Palliser, each of our animals benefits from a natural diet and lives freely in our pastures. This care and attention, combined with our constant focus on excellence, allows us to ensure that every product we offer is certified 100% Menorcan bred.


Menorcan lamb and kid: jewels of Menorca

Menorcan lamb and kid are breeds with a rich history dating back centuries. Valued for their premium meat, deep flavor and tender texture, these native breeds are authentic Menorcan treasures. At Ganados Palliser, we raise these animals with pride, respecting traditions and bringing authentic Menorcan flavor to your table.


Commitment to excellence

Our goal is excellence in all aspects. Our lambs and kids are raised in a healthy and natural environment, fed with the best of the island and cared for by a team of experienced professionals. Each animal is raised with passion and dedication, guaranteeing a taste and quality that captures the authentic spirit of Menorca.

100% Menorcan meat

Lamb and kid

Menorcan lamb, with outstanding cuts such as leg and neck, are highly appreciated for their versatility in cooking and juiciness. The kids, whose tender meat is unmatched, are perfect for delicate preparations such as roasts or stews. Raised in the green fields of Menorca, our lambs and kids bring an authentic flavor and superior quality to every dish you prepare.



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