Distributing meat

for more than 80 years

Family tradition

Our history

The beginnings of Ganados Palliser date back to the post-war period, when Manuel Palliser worked as a cattle trader, acquiring cattle and supplying meat to the armed forces.

He was a progressive individual for his time, even having a telephone and a personal vehicle. After his death at a young age and without heirs, his brother Antoni took the reins of the family business, where his son, Manuel Palliser Orfila, at the age of 16, also began to collaborate.

The Pallisers kept up the tradition, going around the farms, choosing the young calves they considered promising and coordinating the transfer to the port from where they were sent.

On the other hand, they implemented innovations such as the calf fattening business, beginning to slaughter the cattle in Menorca and sending the cuts to the peninsula. After finishing his military service, Antoni Palliser Riudavets joined the family business as a member of the fourth generation.

Mahón Slaughterhouse

Ganados Palliser obtained the concession to operate the municipal slaughterhouse in Maó. They were formalized as a limited liability company in 1992 and for a quarter of a century, the firm was in charge, merging its activity with the administration of its own and third party lands for cattle fattening, and gradually venturing into the distribution and sale of meat for some butcher shops.


In November 2009, they announced their decision not to continue with the management of the municipal slaughterhouse, inaugurating a new chapter in the commercialization and distribution of Menorcan meat. In 2019, Manuel Palliser reached retirement age, handing over to his son Antonio the role of new owner and director of the company.

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