Meat of pork and suckling pig

Ganados Palliser, where tradition and respect for our island, Menorca, come together in our Menorcan pig breeding. With an unalterable commitment to quality and authenticity, we are proud to offer our Menorcan pig, raised entirely on our beloved island.


The essence of our work

Our main objective is to keep alive the genetic richness of the Menorcan pig. At Ganados Palliser, each pig is born and raised in the green fields of Menorca, benefiting from a diet based on the island's natural products and enjoying freedom in our meadows. This careful breeding process, together with our relentless pursuit of excellence, allows us to ensure that all our products have a 100% Menorcan breeding certificate.


The Menorcan pig: A treasure of our island

The Menorcan pig is a unique breed, with a rich history that spans centuries. Prized for its high quality meat, deep flavor and delicate texture, this native breed is a true treasure of Menorca. At Ganados Palliser, we raise this breed with pride, respecting traditions and bringing a genuinely Menorcan flavor to your table.


Committed to quality

We invite you to discover the true taste of Menorca through our Menorcan pork. Raised on the island, this pig offers a unique and distinctive flavor that captures the beauty and charm of our home. With every bite, you will savor the essence of Menorca, embodied in a meat of exceptional quality.

100% meat from Menorca

Pork and suckling pig

Discover the variety of products we offer at Ganados Palliser, from pigs to suckling pigs, all raised on our island of Menorca. Our Menorcan pork offers cuts such as the loin, known for its tenderness, and the rib, famous for its balance between meat and fat. The suckling pigs, on the other hand, are appreciated for their tender and delicate meat, perfect for roasts and stews. Both pigs and suckling pigs are raised in Menorca, which guarantees the authenticity and exceptional quality of our products.



Sirloin steak